Top 10 Mistakes in Paper Mario

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Shared September 23, 2018

Finding complicated glitches can be exciting, but sometimes the small developer oversights are just as interesting! In this Top 10, we count down the most obvious mistakes that should've been fixed before Paper Mario was released.

10. Typos
9. Cracked Wall Texture
8. Odd Key Glitch (Discovered by r0bd0g)
7. Watt Damage Glitch (Discovered by Stryder7x)
6. Double Coins (Discovered by Stryder7x)
5. Kooper Cutscene Glitch (Discovered by Bonecrusher1022)
4. Floating Bush (Discovered by Bonecrusher1022)
3. Up, Up, & Away Properties (Discovered by Clover)
2. Tree Bomb Hitboxes (Discovered by Rain)
1. Shy Guy Calculator Glitch (Discovered by r0bd0g)

Some of these may have been "rediscovered" without people realizing they were already known. It can be unclear who found each oversight, so I'm not 100% certain these credits are correct. Feel free to DM me on Twitter / Discord if this seems incorrect.

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