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Night Shift Podcast

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Shared March 8, 2019

After 5 years, the original story of NIGHT SHIFT comes to life! Brought to you by Nick Anthony, one of the original co-creators of Night Shift, this audio drama is an adaptation of the first version of the Night Shift script, which was written by Nick Anthony & Colin Valkenet.

Night Shift follows the story of Chris, the new Assistant Manager of the Stop N Gas, as he gets used to his new job. He's got to deal with your usual overnight job quirks. Insomniacs, tweakers, and corked up truckers all come in through those doors at odd hours. But then again, so do... other things. This job is more than you've signed up for. It's minimum wage, maximum weird, but hey, it'll do.

NIGHT SHIFT's full cast and crew are:

Airon Gallegos as Chris and Evan
Avery Kemper as helping to adapt the script for audio format
Colin Valkenet as a co-writer for the original script
Bruce Sloan as Carl
Jose Turino as Shaun
Rex Rissole as Jenny
Outro music by Michael Bacich, Bass 1A (slowed to 40 BPM)
Nick Anthony as the Announcer, the Narrator, the Thing in the Basement, and the Grey Man; for co-writing the original script; as well as producing, editing, and directing this audio drama.

Thanks for listening! We all hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed making it. From all of the people involved, to all of you listening, you're awesome. Thanks for tuning in and finally giving this story the treatment it deserves.

We get shit done.

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